BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterAdd support for Minecraft 1.13 sectionsMatthias Schiffer4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-07-24Add support for Minecraft 1.13 sectionsHEADmasterMatthias Schiffer
2018-07-24World: factor out Section handling to a generic interfaceMatthias Schiffer
2018-07-24Resolve pre-1.13 block types by mapping them to 1.13 typesMatthias Schiffer
2018-07-24Resource: add mapping data from pre-1.13 block types/values to 1.13 statesMatthias Schiffer
2018-07-22World/Block: remove useless blockLight accessorMatthias Schiffer
2018-07-22Resource: add generated block type definiton file for Minecraft 1.13Matthias Schiffer
2018-07-22NBT: String: add data accessorMatthias Schiffer
2018-07-22NBT: IntArray: allow accessing individual elementsMatthias Schiffer
2018-07-22Add block color generation tools for Minecraft 1.13Matthias Schiffer
2018-07-21NBT: remove unused deep Compound accessorMatthias Schiffer