AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-07-24Add support for Minecraft 1.13 sectionsHEADmasterMatthias Schiffer
2018-07-24World: factor out Section handling to a generic interfaceMatthias Schiffer
2018-07-24Resolve pre-1.13 block types by mapping them to 1.13 typesMatthias Schiffer
2018-07-24Resource: add mapping data from pre-1.13 block types/values to 1.13 statesMatthias Schiffer
2018-07-22World/Block: remove useless blockLight accessorMatthias Schiffer
2018-07-22Resource: add generated block type definiton file for Minecraft 1.13Matthias Schiffer
2018-07-22NBT: String: add data accessorMatthias Schiffer
2018-07-22NBT: IntArray: allow accessing individual elementsMatthias Schiffer
2018-07-22Add block color generation tools for Minecraft 1.13Matthias Schiffer
2018-07-21NBT: remove unused deep Compound accessorMatthias Schiffer
2018-07-21NBT: rework type systemMatthias Schiffer
2018-07-21NBT: create Tags using make_shared()Matthias Schiffer
2018-07-21NBT: make Tag constructors public, remove friend declarationsMatthias Schiffer
2018-07-21NBT: fix LongArray dumpingMatthias Schiffer
2018-07-21NBT: add data accessors for IntArray and LongArrayMatthias Schiffer
2018-07-21NBT: add support for LongArray tagsMatthias Schiffer
2018-07-20Add regiondump toolMatthias Schiffer
2018-07-20Separate splitting of regions into chunks and actual parsing of chunk structureMatthias Schiffer
2018-07-20Add Tag print functions and nbtdump toolMatthias Schiffer
2017-08-19BlockType: make double plants visibleMatthias Schiffer
2017-08-19BlockType: allow specifying visible and green value per damage valueMatthias Schiffer
2017-06-13Don't rely on utimensat()Matthias Schiffer
2017-06-13Resource/BlockType: update for Minecraft 1.12Matthias Schiffer
2017-05-19Resource/BlockType: correctly distinguish stone subtypesMatthias Schiffer
2017-03-01Resource/BlockType: fix color of "ready" saplingsMatthias Schiffer
2016-11-22Fix red_sand colorMatthias Schiffer
2016-11-15Add support for Minecraft 1.11 blocksMatthias Schiffer
2016-06-08Add support for Minecraft 1.10 blocksMatthias Schiffer
2016-03-14Fix beetroots color/visiblityMatthias Schiffer
2016-03-01Add missing biome 128Matthias Schiffer
2016-03-01Add support for Minecraft 1.9 blocksMatthias Schiffer
2015-09-19Chunk: allow generating unlighted maps for chunks without light dataMatthias Schiffer
2015-09-19Chunk: fix check for chunks with missing light dataMatthias Schiffer
2015-02-06Fix definition of timespec >= operatorMatthias Schiffer
2015-02-06Include cleanupMatthias Schiffer
2015-02-06Make light layer darkerMatthias Schiffer
2015-02-04viewer: more URL hash improvementsMatthias Schiffer
2015-02-04viewer: update hash on loadMatthias Schiffer
2015-02-04viewer: map state in URL hashMatthias Schiffer
2015-02-04build: don't use pkg-configMatthias Schiffer
2015-02-04Info: add missing includeMatthias Schiffer
2015-02-04Bump required CMake version to 2.8.4Matthias Schiffer
2015-02-04Use heap memory for image buffersMatthias Schiffer
2015-02-04viewer: add coordinate controlMatthias Schiffer
2015-02-04viewer: also set "image-rendering: crisp-edges" without browser prefixMatthias Schiffer
2015-02-04viewer: fix overzoomed condition for retinaMatthias Schiffer
2015-02-04Use higher-resolution tiles on retina displaysMatthias Schiffer
2015-02-03Add missing includeMatthias Schiffer
2015-02-03Add mipmap support to allow zooming outMatthias Schiffer
2015-02-03Nicer timespec operationsMatthias Schiffer