BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
ll-peeringBGP: Print interface with protocol infoMatthias Schiffer10 years
ll-peering-oldDon't warn if a /64 link-local IPv6 address is found on a point-to-point inte...Matthias Schiffer12 years
ll-peering-old2BGP: Add support for specifying interface names to allow peerings using link-...Matthias Schiffer11 years
masterFixes parsing larger numbers on 64bit platforms.Ondrej Zajicek11 years
multicast-oldBGP: Enable sending of multicast routes, for IPv6Matthias Schiffer12 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2011-12-22Fixes parsing larger numbers on 64bit platforms.HEADmasterOndrej Zajicek
2011-12-22Implements deterministic MED handling.Ondrej Zajicek
2011-12-12Fixes problem with sticky neighbors and iface address changes.Ondrej Zajicek
2011-11-17Fixes RAdv proto w.r.t. templates.Ondrej Zajicek
2011-11-10Fixes missing header.Ondrej Zajicek
2011-11-07Implements protocol templates.Ondrej Zajicek
2011-10-27Fixes seqnum generation.Ondrej Zajicek
2011-10-26Some minor fixes in parser.Ondrej Zajicek
2011-10-26Fixes sockets for IPv4 RIP.Ondrej Zajicek
2011-10-10NEWS and version update.Ondrej Zajicek