AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-11-12examples: switch to GLSL 1.30 to support Intel graphicsHEADmasterMatthias Schiffer
2016-02-06README: add Space commandMatthias Schiffer
2016-02-06README: add 'l' optionMatthias Schiffer
2016-02-06Add READMEMatthias Schiffer
2016-02-06Add width/height optionsMatthias Schiffer
2016-02-06Add command line optionsMatthias Schiffer
2016-02-06Add pause functionMatthias Schiffer
2016-02-06Makefile improvementsMatthias Schiffer
2016-02-04Remove unneeded headers from common.h, improve error handlingMatthias Schiffer
2016-02-04Print speed and parameters on changesMatthias Schiffer
2016-02-03examples/symmetry: more cleanupMatthias Schiffer
2016-02-03Get rid of extra_load(), rename parametersMatthias Schiffer
2016-02-03Restructure glslview/glslwrite codeMatthias Schiffer
2016-02-03examples/symmetry: allow scaling the squaresMatthias Schiffer
2016-02-03Add support for modifiable parametersMatthias Schiffer
2016-02-03Revert accidentially committed window size changeMatthias Schiffer
2016-02-02Add license headerMatthias Schiffer
2016-02-02Add support for running backwardsMatthias Schiffer
2016-02-02examples: update a few parametersMatthias Schiffer
2016-02-02Fix window titleMatthias Schiffer
2016-02-02glslwrite: fix vertical flip of saved imagesMatthias Schiffer
2016-02-02Some more glslview/glslwrite unificationMatthias Schiffer
2016-02-02Add support for changing the speedMatthias Schiffer
2016-02-02Make explicit reload also reset the inotify watchMatthias Schiffer
2016-02-02examples: fix indentationMatthias Schiffer
2016-02-02Add reload support (using inotify)Matthias Schiffer
2016-02-02glslwrite: add support for alpha channelMatthias Schiffer
2016-02-02Fix indentationMatthias Schiffer
2016-02-02Add two more examplesMatthias Schiffer
2016-02-01Unify glwlview and glslwrite codeMatthias Schiffer
2016-02-01Add glslwrite tool and some examplesMatthias Schiffer
2016-02-01Initial commitMatthias Schiffer