BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterlibuecc v7Matthias Schiffer5 years
v7libuecc-7.tar  Matthias Schiffer5 years
v6libuecc-6.tar  Matthias Schiffer6 years
v5libuecc-5.tar  Matthias Schiffer6 years
v4libuecc-4.tar  Matthias Schiffer7 years
v3libuecc-3.tar  Matthias Schiffer8 years
v2libuecc-2.tar  Matthias Schiffer8 years
v0.1libuecc-0.1.tar  Matthias Schiffer9 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-12-23Add pkg-config file, prepare release 2v2Matthias Schiffer
2012-12-23Lots of code documentationMatthias Schiffer
2012-12-22Change type names to follow the _t convention, add `deprecated' attributeMatthias Schiffer
2012-12-09Fix ecc_25519_gf_is_zeroMatthias Schiffer
2012-12-08Add the order of the base point to the public APIMatthias Schiffer
2012-12-08Add some Doxygen documentationMatthias Schiffer
2012-12-07Reduce before reciprocationMatthias Schiffer
2012-12-07Add GF reciprocal functionMatthias Schiffer
2012-12-07Reworked the APIMatthias Schiffer
2012-03-28Use the same key sanitization as Curve25519v0.1Matthias Schiffer