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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-09-11Revert "Always start with default config for now"Matthias Schiffer
2013-09-11Rename XMonad to MetaTileMatthias Schiffer
2013-09-10Always start with default config for nowMatthias Schiffer
2013-05-28depend on data-default, and deprecate the monomorphic name defaultConfigDaniel Wagner
2011-08-09recognize the --replace optionDaniel Wagner
2010-02-13Make the --replace docs consistentSpencer Janssen
2009-12-20Add --replace flag with documentation (issue 99).Adam Vogt
2010-01-18Correct warnings with ghc-6.12Adam Vogt
2009-12-08A few tweaks to --verbose-versionSpencer Janssen
2009-11-28Main.hs +--verbose-version flaggwern0
2009-11-06Support for extensible state in contrib modules.Daniel Schoepe
2009-07-27correct a commentDaniel Wagner
2009-03-22Pester the user with one (not two) xmessages on config errorsAdam Vogt
2009-01-17Add --restart, a command line flag to cause a running xmonad process to restartSpencer Janssen
2009-01-16Remove doubleFork, handle SIGCHLDSpencer Janssen
2008-12-07Main.hs: escape / in Haddocksgwern0
2008-06-01Haddock syntax for enumerationMalebria
2008-03-28no need to expose --resume to the userDon Stewart
2008-03-24--recompile now forces recompilation of xmonad.hsSpencer Janssen
2008-01-30add --help optionLukas Mai
2008-01-29Get version from the Paths_xmonad module generated by CabalDaniel Neri
2008-01-28bump output of --versionDon Stewart
2008-01-28Generalize the type of catchIO, use it in Main.hsSpencer Janssen
2008-01-19Roll testing into the main executable, use Cabal to build the testsSpencer Janssen
2008-01-05The recompile function now returns a boolean status instead of ().nicolas.pouillard
2007-12-22Add support for several flags:Spencer Janssen
2007-12-18Allow for sharing of home directory across architectures.tim.thelion
2007-12-10normalize Module headersLukas Mai
2007-12-10Use XMonad meta-module in Main.hsSpencer Janssen
2007-11-21add getXMonadDir (2nd try)Lukas Mai
2007-11-20Add recompilation forcing, clean up recompile's documentationSpencer Janssen
2007-11-19Do our own recompilation checking: only launch ghc if the xmonad.hs is newer ...Don Stewart
2007-11-09refactor main, add "recompile" to XMonad.CoreLukas Mai
2007-11-07Provide top level XMonad.hs export moduleDon Stewart
2007-11-07fall back to previous ~/.xmonad/xmonad if recompilation failsLukas Mai
2007-11-05~/.xmonad/Main.hs is now ~/.xmonad/xmonad.hs !Don Stewart
2007-11-05makeMain -> xmonadDon Stewart
2007-11-05EventLoop -> Core, DefaultConfig -> ConfigDon Stewart
2007-11-01HierarchifySpencer Janssen
2007-11-01Main.hs -> DefaultConfig.hs, add new Main.hs with 'buildLaunch'Spencer Janssen
2007-11-01Only export main from MainSpencer Janssen
2007-11-01Add readsLayout, remove the existential from XConfigSpencer Janssen
2007-11-01Delete Main.hs-boot!Spencer Janssen
2007-11-01Remove manageHook from Main.hs-bootSpencer Janssen
2007-11-01Eliminate defaultTerminalSpencer Janssen
2007-11-01Store user configuration in XConfSpencer Janssen
2007-11-01This is a massive update, here's what has changed:Spencer Janssen
2007-10-29cleaner version of main/config inversion.David Roundy
2007-10-18make xmonad work with inverted main/config.David Roundy
2007-10-18sketch of config/main inversion.David Roundy