AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-04-28Bind to random port by default (for floating hosts), don't hardcode default p...HEADv1.0masterMatthias Schiffer
2011-04-26Always use spin_lock_bh for the remote_address/remote_float lockMatthias Schiffer
2011-04-26Some minor bugfixesMatthias Schiffer
2011-04-26Add license headersMatthias Schiffer
2011-04-26Calling nf_reset() once is enoughMatthias Schiffer
2011-04-26Allocate memory atomically in quicktun_udp_data_ready()Matthias Schiffer
2011-04-26Make modquicktun work on all kernels 2.6.{32..39}Matthias Schiffer
2011-04-26Made new xmit function compatible to 2.6.39 kernelsMatthias Schiffer
2011-04-26Reserve the correct amount of headroomMatthias Schiffer
2011-04-26Implemented change commandMatthias Schiffer
2011-04-26Get rid of some unused codeMatthias Schiffer
2011-04-26New and improved zero-copy xmit function!Matthias Schiffer
2011-04-26Discard packets with unknown source; implement remote_floatMatthias Schiffer
2011-04-26Fix "scheduling while atomic" in xmit pathMatthias Schiffer
2011-04-25Implemented tunnel list commandMatthias Schiffer
2011-04-18Shut down the socket before unregistering the deviceMatthias Schiffer
2011-04-16Using RCU lists doesn't make sense as we hold the RTNL lock anywaysMatthias Schiffer
2011-04-15Unregister all tunnels on unloadMatthias Schiffer
2011-04-15Save a list of interfaces managed by quicktunMatthias Schiffer
2011-04-15Drop short packagesMatthias Schiffer
2011-04-15Update packet, byte and drop stats.Matthias Schiffer
2011-04-15Linearize nonlinear sk_buffsMatthias Schiffer
2011-04-15Lock correctly on device deletionMatthias Schiffer
2011-04-14Remote some debug messagesMatthias Schiffer
2011-04-14Implement interface configuration and deletionMatthias Schiffer
2011-04-14Handle packets correctly in IP modeMatthias Schiffer
2011-04-14Make receiving workMatthias Schiffer
2011-04-12Sending through the quicktun interface is working now.Matthias Schiffer