AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-11-27Some fixes for recent changes in GCC, libX11, etc...HEADmasterMatthias Schiffer
2010-01-07GLX: Wait for MapNotifyMatthias Schiffer
2010-01-06Optimized triangle normal handlingMatthias Schiffer
2010-01-05New and improved edge collision handling! Get it while it's hot!Matthias Schiffer
2010-01-04Optimized collision detectionMatthias Schiffer
2010-01-04Corrected edge & vertex collisionMatthias Schiffer
2010-01-03Removed unused methodsMatthias Schiffer
2010-01-03Added corner collisionMatthias Schiffer
2010-01-03Added correct edge collisionMatthias Schiffer
2009-12-26Optimized finding nearest planeMatthias Schiffer
2009-12-26Added collision detectionMatthias Schiffer
2009-12-24Refactored RayMatthias Schiffer
2009-12-24Refactored TriangleRecordMatthias Schiffer
2009-12-24Minor fixMatthias Schiffer
2009-12-24Some optimizationsMatthias Schiffer
2009-12-24Don't disable shaders when rendering shadow volumesMatthias Schiffer
2009-12-24Don't wrap stencil valuesMatthias Schiffer
2009-12-24Working shadow volumes! :-DMatthias Schiffer
2009-12-24Make shadow volumes visibleMatthias Schiffer
2009-12-21Optimized shadersMatthias Schiffer
2009-12-18ShadowVolume: Well, it's a beginning...Matthias Schiffer
2009-12-18Use multi-pass rendering with seperate ambient and light shadersMatthias Schiffer
2009-12-17Added mouse support to turnMatthias Schiffer
2009-12-17Moved Plane to MathUtil; some other tweaksMatthias Schiffer
2009-12-16Use perspective projection matrix without far clipping plane.Matthias Schiffer
2009-12-15Added movement controlsMatthias Schiffer
2009-12-15Moved source files to src; sort triangles by texture.Matthias Schiffer
2009-12-15Added nice lighting shadersMatthias Schiffer
2009-12-14Added everything... -.-Matthias Schiffer
2009-12-13Basic infrastructureMatthias Schiffer