BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterAllow specifying actions for groups terminalsMatthias Schiffer7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-04-18Allow specifying actions for groups terminalsHEADmasterMatthias Schiffer
2015-04-18Replace all make_pair calls with initializer listsMatthias Schiffer
2015-04-18parse: reorder nonterm type specificationsMatthias Schiffer
2015-04-18parse: improve code formattingMatthias Schiffer
2015-04-18Refactor parser rule variable handlingMatthias Schiffer
2015-04-18parse: rename varname nonterm to csymbolMatthias Schiffer
2015-04-18parse: minor code simplificationMatthias Schiffer
2015-04-18Add support for C++ namespacesMatthias Schiffer
2015-04-17parse: replace type-specific deleters by simple delete callsMatthias Schiffer
2015-04-17Add support for character terminal group rulesMatthias Schiffer