AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-06-30fastd v14v14Matthias Schiffer
2014-06-28Fix build with ENABLE_OPENSSLMatthias Schiffer
2014-06-21Development versionMatthias Schiffer
2014-06-21fastd v13v13Matthias Schiffer
2014-06-21Update manMatthias Schiffer
2014-06-14peer_hashtable: fix address hashing on systems with holes in sockaddr definit...Matthias Schiffer
2014-06-14Add missing sys/uio.h includesMatthias Schiffer
2014-06-14verify: add missing sys/wait.h includeMatthias Schiffer
2014-06-14shell: add missing signal.h includeMatthias Schiffer
2014-06-14peer: remove always-true conditionMatthias Schiffer
2014-06-14Ensure that peers get their place in the handshake queue even when the async ...Matthias Schiffer
2014-06-14Limit the number of concurrent on-verify runsMatthias Schiffer
2014-06-12Remove an unused variableMatthias Schiffer
2014-06-12Fix an undefined shiftMatthias Schiffer
2014-06-11Fix error message when ENABLE_LIBSODIUM is set and libsodium is not foundMatthias Schiffer
2014-06-10Clean up peer config loadingMatthias Schiffer
2014-06-08Allow async verify for handshake responsesMatthias Schiffer
2014-06-08Add ENABLE_LTO cmake optionMatthias Schiffer
2014-06-06Use gcc-provided ar, nm and ranlib if available to allow supporting LTOMatthias Schiffer
2014-06-05Simplify systemd notify socket handlingMatthias Schiffer
2014-06-04Use libsodium by defaultMatthias Schiffer
2014-06-03Create threads in detached stateMatthias Schiffer
2014-05-31dump_state(): used unsigned instead of size_t to ensure correct variadic func...Matthias Schiffer
2014-05-31Fix dump_state()Matthias Schiffer
2014-05-31Fix poll race condition on *BSDMatthias Schiffer
2014-05-31More signal handling fixesMatthias Schiffer
2014-05-31Fix blocking signals...Matthias Schiffer
2014-05-31Remove EINTR handling where signals are blocked anywaysMatthias Schiffer
2014-05-31Unblock signals only during poll/epoll waitMatthias Schiffer
2014-05-31Make log levels verbose and info more usefulMatthias Schiffer
2014-05-31Split main functionMatthias Schiffer
2014-05-31Fix signal handling racesMatthias Schiffer
2014-05-29Ensure peer hashtable consistency on address resetsMatthias Schiffer
2014-05-29Document *everything*Matthias Schiffer
2014-05-29Simplify configuration of cipher and MAC implementationsMatthias Schiffer
2014-05-28Still more documentationMatthias Schiffer
2014-05-27Remove fastd_true()Matthias Schiffer
2014-05-27More documentationMatthias Schiffer
2014-05-27A bit more fastd.h cleanupMatthias Schiffer
2014-05-27Merge handle_forward into fastd_send_dataMatthias Schiffer
2014-05-27A bit more documentationMatthias Schiffer
2014-05-27Lots and lots of documentationMatthias Schiffer
2014-05-27poll: document the poll APIMatthias Schiffer
2014-05-27Move tuntap handling out of poll.cMatthias Schiffer
2014-05-27More documentationMatthias Schiffer
2014-05-27peer: completely document peer.h and peer.cMatthias Schiffer
2014-05-27peer: remove some dead codeMatthias Schiffer
2014-05-25Unify fastd_peer_group_t and fastd_peer_group_config_t into a single structureMatthias Schiffer
2014-05-25peer.h: some documentationMatthias Schiffer
2014-05-25Completely document fastd.hMatthias Schiffer