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2016-03-19Optimize ecc_25519_scalarmult_baseMatthias Schiffer
2016-03-19Switch internal point representation to the Ed25519 curveMatthias Schiffer
2016-03-18Deprecate ecc_25519_work_base_ed25519 and ecc_25519_work_base_legacyMatthias Schiffer
2016-03-18Unify legacy and Ed25519 base point by negating conversion factorsMatthias Schiffer
2015-10-17Add support for the Ed25519 curveMatthias Schiffer
2015-10-17Add _legacy suffix to functions accessing points in compressed/coordinate rep...Matthias Schiffer
2015-10-17Add Ed25519-compatible generator pointMatthias Schiffer
2015-10-17Fix loading of packed points in edge caseMatthias Schiffer
2015-10-09Fix another comment typoMatthias Schiffer
2015-10-06Use stdint types where reasonableMatthias Schiffer
2015-10-03Remove some unnecessary squeeze() callsMatthias Schiffer
2015-10-03Improve documenation of internal functionsMatthias Schiffer
2015-10-03Fix typo in commentMatthias Schiffer
2015-10-03Add comments clarifying when subtractions without squeeze are validMatthias Schiffer
2015-10-02Add functions for point negation and subtractionMatthias Schiffer
2015-10-02Move documentation comments for public API to the public headerMatthias Schiffer
2015-01-26Make default base and identity points accessibleMatthias Schiffer
2015-01-26Add a better explanation to ecc_25519_gf_sanitize_secret()Matthias Schiffer
2015-01-26Update copyright yearsMatthias Schiffer
2015-01-22Add reduced-bitlength scalar multiplicationMatthias Schiffer
2013-12-26Use LIB_SUFFIX in pkg-config informationMatthias Schiffer
2013-10-28Add -Wall to COMPILE_FLAGSMatthias Schiffer
2013-10-27Respect LIB_SUFFIXMatthias Schiffer
2013-10-27Build a shared library as wellMatthias Schiffer
2013-01-09Check points for validity on loadMatthias Schiffer
2012-12-23Lots of code documentationMatthias Schiffer
2012-12-22Change type names to follow the _t convention, add `deprecated' attributeMatthias Schiffer
2012-12-09Fix ecc_25519_gf_is_zeroMatthias Schiffer
2012-12-08Add the order of the base point to the public APIMatthias Schiffer
2012-12-08Add some Doxygen documentationMatthias Schiffer
2012-12-07Reduce before reciprocationMatthias Schiffer
2012-12-07Add GF reciprocal functionMatthias Schiffer
2012-12-07Reworked the APIMatthias Schiffer
2012-03-28Use the same key sanitization as Curve25519v0.1Matthias Schiffer
2012-03-25Add ecc_25519_secret_sanitize stub implementationMatthias Schiffer
2012-03-17Switch from inverted to extended coordinate representationMatthias Schiffer
2012-03-16For Edwards curves, the identity element isn't at infinity, so rename the ide...Matthias Schiffer
2012-03-15Simplyfy secret add, subtract and reduce functionsMatthias Schiffer
2012-03-15Improve modular multiplication performanceMatthias Schiffer
2012-03-14Some more renamed, some utility functionsMatthias Schiffer
2012-03-14Code cleanupMatthias Schiffer
2012-03-14Fixed square_root()Matthias Schiffer
2012-03-14Formatting improvementsMatthias Schiffer
2012-03-14More renames, added secret key arithmeticMatthias Schiffer
2012-03-13Some renames, fix load function, add default baseMatthias Schiffer
2012-03-13Correctly rename all functions to match header fileMatthias Schiffer
2012-03-13Initial versionMatthias Schiffer