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2008-09-13sp README, CONFIG, STYLE, TODOgwern0
2008-09-05Spelling. Any bets on how long this has been there?Spencer Janssen
2008-09-05Remove obsolete comments about darcs X11Spencer Janssen
2008-09-05Recommend latest packages rather than specific versionsSpencer Janssen
2008-03-29Remove version numbers from READMESpencer Janssen
2008-02-12add quickstart instructionsDon Stewart
2008-01-28Point to 0.6 release of contribSpencer Janssen
2007-12-141.4.1 X11 depDon Stewart
2007-12-10Remove references to 0.4Spencer Janssen
2007-12-09add a template xmonad.hsDon Stewart
2007-11-16polish readmeDon Stewart
2007-11-09update README some moreDon Stewart
2007-11-09we depend on Cabal 1.2.0 or newerDon Stewart
2007-11-06recommend --userDon Stewart
2007-10-30HEADS UP: remove X11-extras dependency, depend on X11 >= 1.3.0Don Stewart
2007-10-24explain that you need ghc as wellDon Stewart
2007-10-16Bump XMonadContrib versionSpencer Janssen
2007-10-16Bump X11, X11-extras versions in the READMESpencer Janssen
2007-10-06Moving to code.haskell.orgSpencer Janssen
2007-10-06mention C headersDon Stewart
2007-09-04README: spellingSpencer Janssen
2007-09-04Add a link to XMonadContribSpencer Janssen
2007-09-04Point to X11-extras-0.3 in the READMESpencer Janssen
2007-08-24Add location of X11-extras to READMESpencer Janssen
2007-07-19use $HOME in examplesDon Stewart
2007-06-20remove out of date `(Included with GHC)' text in READMEDon Stewart
2007-06-18Remove all references to 'exec'Spencer Janssen
2007-06-09Add notes on using X11-extras from darcsDon Stewart
2007-05-30Depend on X11-extras >= 0.2Spencer Janssen
2007-05-30Require X11 >= 1.2.1Spencer Janssen
2007-05-29notes about which dependant packages already come with ghcDon Stewart
2007-05-28mention .xinitrcDon Stewart
2007-05-28update readmeDon Stewart
2007-05-27specify --user, spotted by fastaDon Stewart
2007-05-25Add a note about already installed packagesSpencer Janssen
2007-05-02update motivational text using xmonad.orgDon Stewart
2007-05-01Sort dependencies in installation orderSpencer Janssen
2007-05-01Recommend X11-extras 0.1Spencer Janssen
2007-04-23s/creigh//Don Stewart
2007-04-22update readmeDon Stewart
2007-04-18Update propaganda.Spencer Janssen
2007-04-01Remove trailing spaces, no content changedAlec Berryman
2007-03-29Add AMD64 note to the READMESpencer Janssen
2007-03-26fixDon Stewart
2007-03-15s/thunk/xmonadSpencer Janssen
2007-03-13Fix forking issues, add unix dependency.Spencer Janssen
2007-03-10thunk is now known as xmonad!Spencer Janssen
2007-03-10typoDon Stewart
2007-03-09grammar nazisDon Stewart