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2010-03-22Note things to update each release.Adam Vogt
2008-09-13sp README, CONFIG, STYLE, TODOgwern0
2008-02-06some things to doDon Stewart
2008-01-29Get version from the Paths_xmonad module generated by CabalDaniel Neri
2008-01-28notes on releasesDon Stewart
2008-01-28bump output of --versionDon Stewart
2007-11-25update todos before releaseDon Stewart
2007-11-16some more tweaksDon Stewart
2007-11-16more todos: docsDon Stewart
2007-11-16more todosDon Stewart
2007-11-15CONFIG, TODO: fix typosValery V. Vorotyntsev
2007-10-31tweaks to todoDon Stewart
2007-10-14more todosDon Stewart
2007-10-14doneDon Stewart
2007-10-14release tasksDon Stewart
2007-10-11Nuke old TODOs, add a documentation TODOSpencer Janssen
2007-09-05tasks doneDon Stewart
2007-08-22todosDon Stewart
2007-05-31Remove 0.2 TODOsSpencer Janssen
2007-05-28done with gapDon Stewart
2007-05-27gapDon Stewart
2007-05-27todoDon Stewart
2007-05-27todoDon Stewart
2007-05-27Generate keybindings section in manpage from Config.hsJason Creighton
2007-05-26start on TODO list needed for 0.2 to be taggedDon Stewart
2007-04-23some other things to doDon Stewart
2007-04-23Start TODOs for 0.2Spencer Janssen
2007-04-22xmonad 0.1 is readySpencer Janssen
2007-04-22Update TODOSpencer Janssen
2007-04-19two things gone from todo listDon Stewart
2007-04-18Another TODO bites the dustSpencer Janssen
2007-04-18Update TODO: all the Xinerama issues I've encountered are fixedAlec Berryman
2007-04-16Note we must fix mod-shift-c before 0.1 can go outDon Stewart
2007-04-13Update TODOSpencer Janssen
2007-04-10Add notes about StackSet redesignSpencer Janssen
2007-04-09Rearrange TODOSpencer Janssen
2007-04-09Also doneSpencer Janssen
2007-04-09Tile algorithm has been improvedSpencer Janssen
2007-04-09Vertical tiling doneSpencer Janssen
2007-04-03Abusing TODO as a bug tracker: note about overlappingAlec Berryman
2007-04-02Note the Xinerama bugs I've experienced in the TODOAlec Berryman
2007-03-29Window bordersAlec Berryman
2007-03-28allow mouse to change current workspacedaniel
2007-03-28first shot at allowing click to focus windowsdaniel
2007-03-28one less todoDon Stewart
2007-03-27updated TODO (Config.hs completed)Jason Creighton
2007-03-26Update todoSpencer Janssen
2007-03-26updated TODOdaniel
2007-03-26fixDon Stewart
2007-03-20Initial tiling support.Spencer Janssen