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2013-05-28depend on data-default, and deprecate the monomorphic name defaultConfigDaniel Wagner
2013-01-06use "modm" instead of "modMask" in the sample configDaniel Wagner
2013-01-06define the "help" string in the sample configuration bundled with xmonadDaniel Wagner
2012-12-31Update generated manpage (and releaseDate in util/GenerateManpage.hs)Adam Vogt
2012-12-31Copy help binding from XMonad.Config to man/xmonad.hsAdam Vogt
2012-12-31Add clickJustFocuses option to template configuration.Adam Vogt
2012-11-18HCAR.tex convert line endings.Adam Vogt
2012-11-18HCAR.tex: update to Janis's master version per his instructionsgwern0
2012-11-09Add generated manpage and html manpage to the repo.Adam Vogt
2012-11-08resolve HCar.tex conflictAdam Vogt
2012-10-03HCAR.tex: update with Janis's master versiongwern0
2012-05-16HCAR.tex: update per Janisgwern0
2012-05-13HCAR.tex: update per Janisgwern0
2011-12-11Drop PlainConfig from HCAR.tex: it doesn't exist in contrib.Adam Vogt
2011-12-04HCAR: update module count, date, versions, maintainergwern0
2011-11-19Minor updates to supporting files (for 0.10 release).Adam Vogt
2011-05-22HCAR.tex: update per Janis's final versiongwern0
2011-04-11HCAR.text: mention 2 features added since last HCARgwern0
2010-11-09HCAR.tex: apply Janis Voigtlaender's HCAR changesgwern0
2010-10-12HCAR.tex: update from Maygwern0
2010-05-02HCAr.tex: update with additions and versionsgwern0
2010-05-02+original HCAR entrygwern0
2010-02-13Make the --replace docs consistentSpencer Janssen
2009-12-20Add --replace flag with documentation (issue 99).Adam Vogt
2009-12-16Determine numlockMask automatically, fixes #120Spencer Janssen
2009-11-26man/xmonad.hs: remove reference to deprecated 'dynamicLogDzen' functionBrent Yorgey
2009-12-08A few tweaks to --verbose-versionSpencer Janssen
2009-10-28Use pandoc to convert a markdown manpage tranlation to html and man.Adam Vogt
2009-10-24Grab the xmonad.cabal version for putting into the manpageAdam Vogt
2009-10-24Correct formatting in manpageAdam Vogt
2009-09-01Note in manpage that 'exec xmonad' should be usedAdam Vogt
2009-09-01Manual page spelling: maximise -> maximize, utilising -> utilizingAdam Vogt
2009-09-01Describe modular configuration in the manual pageAdam Vogt
2009-03-20man_xmonad.hs: import Data.Monoid for mempty, keybinding editswirtwolff
2009-03-19Avoid deadly cycle in man/xmonad.hsSpencer Janssen
2009-02-09X.Config.hs, ./man/xmonad.hs: update Event Hook docwirtwolff
2009-01-17Asynchronously recompile/restart xmonad on mod-qSpencer Janssen
2009-01-17Add --restart, a command line flag to cause a running xmonad process to restartSpencer Janssen
2008-09-28add'l documentationDevin Mullins
2008-09-11add W.shiftMaster, fix float/tile-reordering bugDevin Mullins
2008-03-30Remove gaps from the example configSpencer Janssen
2008-03-24--recompile now forces recompilation of xmonad.hsSpencer Janssen
2008-02-04Add a startupHook.Brent Yorgey
2008-02-15update LOC claim in man pagegwern0
2008-01-27Update example configSpencer Janssen
2008-01-22Updated ./man/ to contain new command line parametersAustin Seipp
2007-12-19Remove getProgName capability from restart, we don't use it anymoreSpencer Janssen
2007-12-19Call 'broadcastMessage ReleaseResources' in restartSpencer Janssen
2007-12-19Manpage now describes config in ~/.xmonad/xmonad.hsAdam Vogt
2007-12-19Update manpage to describe greedyViewAdam Vogt