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2010-02-14loc.hs: hlintifygwern0
2010-01-18Correct warnings with ghc-6.12Adam Vogt
2008-09-11add W.shiftMaster, fix float/tile-reordering bugDevin Mullins
2008-05-12add currentTag convenience functionDevin Mullins
2008-03-23more testsDon Stewart
2008-03-23some tests for the size increment handling in Operations.hsDon Stewart
2008-03-22more properties for splitting horizontally and verticallyDon Stewart
2008-03-22test message handling of Full layoutDon Stewart
2008-03-22QuickCheck properties to fully specify the Tall layout, and its messagesDon Stewart
2008-03-22add hpc generation scriptDon Stewart
2008-03-22add QuickCheck property for Full: it produces one window, it is fullscreen, a...Don Stewart
2008-03-22QC for pureLayout. confirm pureLayout . Tall produces no overlapsDon Stewart
2008-03-22reenable quickcheck properties for layouts (no overlap, fullscreen)Don Stewart
2008-03-10add property for ensureTags behaviour on hidden workspacesDon Stewart
2008-03-07more general properties for view, greedyViewDon Stewart
2008-03-07bit more code coverageDon Stewart
2008-02-27more tests. slightly better test coverageDon Stewart
2008-02-27test geometry settingDon Stewart
2008-02-25incorrect invariant test for greedyViewDon Stewart
2008-01-19Roll testing into the main executable, use Cabal to build the testsSpencer Janssen
2007-11-01HierarchifySpencer Janssen
2007-11-01This is a massive update, here's what has changed:Spencer Janssen
2007-10-22Replace 'findIndex' with 'findTag', which more accurately describes what the ...Brent Yorgey
2007-10-15Whitespace fixes for Properties.hsSpencer Janssen
2007-10-06The empty line isntcomment.Ferenc Wagner
2007-10-06add mapWorkspace testsDevin Mullins
2007-10-06comment out type error'd propertyDon Stewart
2007-10-06add floating propertyDon Stewart
2007-10-05Add mapLayoutSpencer Janssen
2007-10-04extract Properties module for re-use by contrib testsDevin Mullins
2007-10-01Add StackSet.allWindowsSpencer Janssen
2007-09-30deeper test for differentiate. back to 100% coverageDon Stewart
2007-09-30properties for tag renamingDon Stewart
2007-09-30test lookupWorkspace more deeplyDon Stewart
2007-09-29100% coverage of alternative branchesDon Stewart
2007-09-29add some more properties for failure casesDon Stewart
2007-09-20add (unused) Layout to StackSet.David Roundy
2007-09-28add prop for 'differentiate'Don Stewart
2007-09-28new QC properties: floating a window is reversible, screens includes current ...Don Stewart
2007-09-27Add 3 QC properties for focusMaster: local, idempotent, preserves invariantDon Stewart
2007-09-10Fix float behaviour, add shiftWin.Karsten Schoelzel
2007-08-15Add greedyView, make it the default action for mod-werSpencer Janssen
2007-07-28QuickCheck filter preserves orderKarsten Schoelzel
2007-06-29Move screen details into StackSetSpencer Janssen
2007-06-26add 2 properties to state where focus goes on delete of focused windowDon Stewart
2007-06-14make workspace tag not need to be a Num.David Roundy
2007-06-12make focus, up and down complete functions.David Roundy
2007-06-11Add StackSet.filterSpencer Janssen
2007-05-31remove LOC cap (but still print count after tests)Jason Creighton
2007-05-26HEADS UP: change key binding for swapLeft/Right and IncMasterDon Stewart