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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-12-31Update generated manpage (and releaseDate in util/GenerateManpage.hs)Adam Vogt
2011-11-19Minor updates to supporting files (for 0.10 release).Adam Vogt
2010-12-31Update util/GenerateManpage for pandoc 1.6Adam Vogt
2010-04-03Update util/GenerateManpage to be pandoc-1.4 compatibleAdam Vogt
2009-11-11Add GPL warning to GenerateManpageSpencer Janssen
2009-10-28Add a basic header to the html manpage outputAdam Vogt
2009-10-28Use pandoc to convert a markdown manpage tranlation to html and man.Adam Vogt
2009-10-24Grab the xmonad.cabal version for putting into the manpageAdam Vogt
2007-12-05Update man locationSpencer Janssen
2007-09-17Change manpage token @@ to %! to avoid conflicts with Haddock (xmonad)Alex Tarkovsky
2007-05-28Fix manpage generatorSpencer Janssen
2007-05-28move gapcalc.cDon Stewart
2007-05-27mod-b, toggle on or off the status bar gapDon Stewart
2007-05-27Generate keybindings section in manpage from Config.hsJason Creighton