AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-10-17Renamed binaries to lowercaseHEADmasterMatthias Schiffer
2011-10-10Use XCB backendMatthias Schiffer
2011-10-08Adjust to patched xhb versionMatthias Schiffer
2011-10-07Send X message batchedMatthias Schiffer
2011-09-22Small taskbar fixMatthias Schiffer
2011-09-09SystrayHelper: initializationMatthias Schiffer
2011-09-08Core is independent of X11 nowMatthias Schiffer
2011-09-08First render, then map panel windowsMatthias Schiffer
2011-09-07Add a short delay waiting for messages before starting renderingMatthias Schiffer
2011-09-07Use new XHB backend for TaskbarMatthias Schiffer
2011-09-07Converted core to XHB/XCBMatthias Schiffer
2011-09-06For now, print desktop names instead of numbersMatthias Schiffer
2011-08-29Handle changes of resolution and screen configurationMatthias Schiffer
2011-08-29Don't use the widget definition as a part of the render cache stateMatthias Schiffer
2011-08-29Get rid of layout functionMatthias Schiffer
2011-08-29Correctly render tiled background pixmapsMatthias Schiffer
2011-08-22Cache windows in taskbarMatthias Schiffer
2011-08-22Use new caching framework for scaled icons in taskbarMatthias Schiffer
2011-08-21Use cached renderer for systrayMatthias Schiffer
2011-08-21Derive ZonedTime Eq instanceMatthias Schiffer
2011-08-21Add a lot of caching frameworkMatthias Schiffer
2011-08-21Make render function return cachable surface slicesMatthias Schiffer
2011-08-21Correctly handle widgets with zero weightMatthias Schiffer
2011-08-21Get rid of existential Widget type and Widget listsMatthias Schiffer
2011-08-21Use CacheArrow for renderingMatthias Schiffer
2011-08-12Some strictness optimizationsMatthias Schiffer
2011-08-12Fix message bus memory leakMatthias Schiffer
2011-08-11Some systray optimizationsMatthias Schiffer
2011-07-22Fix background update race, speed up rendering!Matthias Schiffer
2011-07-22Fix crash when no root pixmap is setMatthias Schiffer
2011-07-19Add native error handler for systrayMatthias Schiffer
2011-07-19Some minor adjustmentsMatthias Schiffer
2011-07-19Gracefully shut down systrayMatthias Schiffer
2011-07-19Basic systray implementationMatthias Schiffer
2011-07-18Make minSize depend on the screen if necessaryMatthias Schiffer
2011-07-18Fixed indentationMatthias Schiffer
2011-07-18Added AlphaBox widgetMatthias Schiffer
2011-07-18Some cleanup in taskbar render functionMatthias Schiffer
2011-07-18Add top and bottom desktop border margins and paddings, for the sake of consi...Matthias Schiffer
2011-07-18Don't change the ordering of the window list we get from _NET_CLIENT_LIST, as...Matthias Schiffer
2011-07-18Cache scaled icons in taskbarMatthias Schiffer
2011-07-17Correctly align non-square iconsMatthias Schiffer
2011-07-17Some more icon optimizationsMatthias Schiffer
2011-07-17Nicer downscaling of taskbar iconsMatthias Schiffer
2011-07-17Some initial systray codeMatthias Schiffer
2011-07-16Taskbar: Sort windows by screenMatthias Schiffer
2011-07-16Don't redraw when there are still messages pendingMatthias Schiffer
2011-07-16Allow showing desktop numbers in taskbarMatthias Schiffer
2011-07-16Always use biggest iconMatthias Schiffer
2011-07-16Make taskbar more styleableMatthias Schiffer