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maindriver: context: avoid double reference in Index implMatthias Schiffer13 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-11-18driver: context: avoid double reference in Index implmainMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-17runner: handle force_run flag, warn if output hash does not matchMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-17runner: util: fs: make ensure_removed() work with regular filesMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-17driver: pass force_run flag to runnerMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-16driver: pass set of tasks to force-run to driver instanceMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-16driver: parse: add support for + flagMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-16Update dependenciesMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-06driver: return output from spawn_task() for skipped tasksMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-06examples: add pins.yml exampleMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-06driver: context: get list of rootfs-provided tasks from pins.ymlMatthias Schiffer