AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-11-18driver: context: avoid double reference in Index implmainMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-17runner: handle force_run flag, warn if output hash does not matchMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-17runner: util: fs: make ensure_removed() work with regular filesMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-17driver: pass force_run flag to runnerMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-16driver: pass set of tasks to force-run to driver instanceMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-16driver: parse: add support for + flagMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-16Update dependenciesMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-06driver: return output from spawn_task() for skipped tasksMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-06examples: add pins.yml exampleMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-06driver: context: get list of rootfs-provided tasks from pins.ymlMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-06Update dependenciesMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-05driver: context: remove separate rootfs_tasksMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-05driver: introduce task priority fieldMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-05driver: add support for specialized tasksMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-05driver: replace regex with nom-based parserMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-03driver: recipe: sort recipes by filenameMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-03driver: store multiple recipe with the same ID, select highest version numberMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-03driver: context: clean up error message codeMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-03examples: move version number to filenameMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-03driver: recipe: derive version number from filenameMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-03driver: change task reference string syntax to recipe:task@version/host:targetMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-01runner: use rootfs passed in Task definitionMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-01context: get rootfs hash from pin mapMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-01driver: read pins from YAML fileMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-01runner: allow passing a map of pins with a task submissionMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-01runner: set CLOEXEC on signalfdMatthias Schiffer
2021-11-01runner: detect file conflicts in dependencies againMatthias Schiffer
2021-10-31driver: add to e2fsprogs to rootfs tasksMatthias Schiffer
2021-10-31driver: add toolchain prefix to PATHMatthias Schiffer
2021-10-31Update dependenciesMatthias Schiffer
2021-10-31runner: unpack dependencies only onceMatthias Schiffer
2021-10-31runner: add Stack typeMatthias Schiffer
2021-10-30runner: set up /dev in separate directoryMatthias Schiffer
2021-10-30runner: do not use tmpfs for temporary build directoriesMatthias Schiffer
2021-10-30runner: move lockfile out of state directoryMatthias Schiffer
2021-10-30runner: remove unneeded reference reported by clippyMatthias Schiffer
2021-10-30runner: verify hash when unpacking dependenciesMatthias Schiffer
2021-10-30examples: move recipes to subdirectoryMatthias Schiffer
2021-10-30driver: replace dependency cutoff with stub tasksMatthias Schiffer
2021-10-30driver: context: change get()/index() argument to TaskRefMatthias Schiffer
2021-10-30driver: skip submission of empty tasksMatthias Schiffer
2021-10-30Make TaskOutput input hash optionalMatthias Schiffer
2021-10-30driver: context: more consistent use specificationMatthias Schiffer
2021-10-29driver: recipe: use common error typesMatthias Schiffer
2021-10-28Pass workdir from driver to runnerMatthias Schiffer
2021-10-28runner: drop paths::abs() functionMatthias Schiffer
2021-10-28Move handling of current directory of task to driverMatthias Schiffer
2021-10-28Pass target directory for download archives from driver to runnerMatthias Schiffer
2021-10-28Split paths module into driver and runner partsMatthias Schiffer
2021-10-28Pass full Output path to runnerMatthias Schiffer